8:50 AM WELCOME by Mayor Paul TenHaken

9:00 AM KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Shannon Nordstrom

10:15 AM

  • Primal Branding with Video byJeff Pickett with Media by JP
    • How business owners can use a primal code consisting of 7 areas to fully engage and grow your client base.
  • The Hidden Costs of Ergonomics by Trisha Dohn with Well 365
    • By not working ergonomically we can develop skeletal and muscular issues that in turn lead to neck and back pain causing disruptions to our work and life. Protecting yourself from these ergonomic issues doesn't have to be difficult. Join me as I share handy ergonomic tips to create the ideal working environment to keep you healthy and productive both at work and home.
  • Financial Strategies for the business owner by Alexander D’Agostino with New York Life

11:15 AM

  • Social Media and YOUR Biz! by Kim VanderPoel with Fresh Impact Social Marketing
    • Social media should be fun, after all, it has the word social in it. Well, for many business owners it isn’t…instead, it is daunting, frustrating and time-consuming. In this session we'll do a quick review of the most popular social platforms, share some best practices, and offer valuable tips on growing your reach, establishing yourself as a trusted voice for your audience and customers and best of all, further growing your business.
  • 4 and 1/2 Steps to Help Your People Excel! by Dan Oakland with Alternative HRD
    • One of the hallmarks of great leaders - and effective workplace supervisors - is their ability to help their people grow and excel as individual performers and contributors, as team members, and as leaders. The advantage, of course, is that as people grow and excel, the organization itself improves. This talk identifies a few key leadership skills that, if developed and used on a regular basis, can powerfully impact employee engagement, and in turn, organizational success. In this session you will learn (1) the all-time #1 employee frustration, (2) 4 and 1/2 steps, or skills, that you should practice on a regular basis that will help your people excel, and (3) four primary factors that will keep your people engaged.
  • Amazon:  The secret to selling on Amazon:  How to win the Buy Box by Jason Reisdorfer with Weisser Distributing
    • In this session you will learn one of the most important secrets to selling on the Amazon platform...how to compete for and win the buy box.  By the time we're done, you will understand what the buy box is, how it works and how you can create listings that will boost your sales and profit.  If you are selling a product and want to double, triple or even 10x your sales, you will not want to miss this session!

NOON Lunch Provided
Entertainment Magic of Travis Nye


  • The Power of Stories in Business by Melissa Bien with True Voice
    • Storytelling has become a buzz word lately, but there is true power to using stories in business communication. Storytelling is essential, from selling products to communicating your vision or creating a culture. In this session you will get a better understanding of the power in story and the elements incorporated into stories that stick!
  • To educate on attracting and retaining a quality workforce by Vaney Hariri with Think 3D
    • "You can't hire who you want, if your busy hiring who you need" In this discussion we will be talking about the value of culture and the part it plays in 1. developing internal leadership, retaining talent, and recruiting talent.
  • Budgeting and Labor Expense by Patricia Dougherty with The Weston Group
    • Predictions for future expenses of health insurance premiums, DOL Health Plan audits, The nuts & bolts of ERISA welfare plans, benefits of self-insured plans and population health, the importance of benchmarking your benefits package annually, the importance of a Total Compensation Statement effective compensation planning, how to decrease overhead and increase revenue


  • Digital that Delivers by Mara Walter with KSFY
    • Advertising is constantly changing, especially in the digital space. I will go over 5 strategies every business can implement to help grow their business.
  • How to Speak in Business So That People Will Be Engaged by Anne Holmquest with Visual Talk
    • train you to use words and pictures strategically in a business presentation. If you use this system, the audience will listen. If you use this system, the audience will be engaged and empowered.
  • SD State Tax: The Power of Precision Reporting by Jacqueline Rust with Onsite Tax
    • This is an educational seminar with information pertinent to every business operating in South Dakota. Talking points include licensing requirements, Sales and Excise Tax reporting information & tips as well as how to navigate a State Tax Audit.  


  • How to get better results with ANY kind of advertising by John Small with Sunny Radio
    • The message matters more than the medium. How to build a better message. How to get them to take action.
  • What is EOS (Traction) All About? In 3 Words....Real.Simple.Results by Gayle Ver Hey with Volt
    • Presentation of 6 key components of the Traction process and proven tools to help leaders get what they want from their business
  • Create a Revenue Feedback Loop with Multiple Digital Channels by Pete Kleinjan with Tiger 29
    • Running digital marketing campaigns like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, and Search Engine Optimization are all great ways to increase prospects and sales. Using multiple channels in tandem can create a feedback loop to capture more customers and keep them coming back. Although Search Engine Optimization is the primary focus at Tiger29, their measure-report-modify process gives unique insight into what really happens with each channel, and the impact they have on marketing strategy and revenue.

"Things I wish I would have known sooner"
Moderater Jodi Schwan

Eric Weisser, Weisser Distributing
Greg Noteboom, Noteboom RV
Sanaa Abourezk, Sanna's Gourmet Mediterranean
Dawn Knutson, Midwest Employee Benefits


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