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Our why

As with so many things in life, The Sioux Falls Business Expo started as a simple question. As a small group gathered following one of the Sioux Falls Open Startup Coffee hosted at Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship, someone asked "Wouldn't it be great if there was an event where service based businesses could share information and education with local business owners?" And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Our vision for this expo is that attendees will feel it was time well spent and will walk away with fresh ideas and resources to help their business grow. 

"Growing Opportunity Together" 

~Melissa Bien, True Voice
~Tracy Gran, New York Life
~Kim VanderPoel, Fresh Impact Social Marketing


A bit about the founders

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Tracy Gran

New York Life

Tracy Gran began her career as a licensed agent and registered representative in 2012 with New York Life.  Tracy has been in the financial services industry since 1998.  Tracy is actively involved in the community and volunteers for several non profit organizations.  She is a founding board member for Dress For Success and has served on the Sioux Falls Habitat for Humanity family selection committee for 12 years just to name of few of the organizations Tracy enjoys giving her time to. 


At New York Life, Tracy takes care of her clients through her process of proper protection, planning, purpose and positioning  which sets her apart from other advisers. There is also a strong educational component to her planning. Tracy believes in working with clients through each step of their journey and adjusting their plans when things change along the way.  She partners with her clients and tailors each client to their specific needs and goals.  

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Melissa Bien

Helping people make the most of every speaking opportunity is what lights Melissa up! However, it took some time for this passion to be found. A presentation coach certainly wasn't what she dreamed of becoming when she was a little kid! Luckily, the path we travel through life takes some interesting turns.

Melissa earned her BS in Biology from SDSU and worked in biomedical laboratories for over 15 years before transitioning to the administration side. Today she oversees the safety program at Sanford Research. This position taps into both her education and years of experience in biomedical research labs, as well as her skills as a speaker and trainer.

In 2015 Melissa launched her company, True Voice, to offer customized presentation coaching to fit each client's needs. From content creation and organization to polishing their presentation skills, she loves to bring out the best speaking version of each client. Her clients span many different skill levels and occupations, including: military personnel, realtors, city employees, nonprofits and entrepreneurs.

Together Melissa, Kim and Tracy came together in 2017 to see their vision of an Expo become reality. From idea to the date of first Sioux Falls Business Expo was less than 10 weeks! Melissa's favorite part of this event is that it brings businesses of all sizes together to showcase what they do and to learn from each other, regardless of specific field or point in their business journey.


Kim Vander Poel

To inspire businesses to connect, communicate and build relationships with their customers through innovative and creative social media marketing is the driving force of Fresh Impact, the social media management and marketing Kim owns and manages.

Her experience includes working with multi-million-dollar companies, small business owners, public figures, and many others. Kim actively works in several of the social media platforms on a daily basis. Keeping current with the day to day changes in the digital world assists Kim in providing services that make a “Fresh Impact” for her clients. In addition to being a Certified Social Media Manager, certified in Pinterest Marketing, she has had extensive training in Facebook Advertising. 

Being a natural people connector, Kim's favorite part of the Expo is connecting business owners. In addition, she loves assisting with promotion of local businesses through social marketing for the Expo. 

For any questions, please feel free to email us at info@siouxfallsbusinessexpo.com, or complete the form below.

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